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To Score 50↑/51 GMAT Math Section: Just to Know 120 Rules & 450 Patterns of Questions+11 Practice Tests.

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GMAT Test Information

GMAT Math Tutors Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE

GMAT Math Tutors Dubai will cover – the following Topics: 

Doing well in the GMAT Math section of the Test involves knowing how to apply your knowledge of math to reasoning questions, on the following areas:

  1. Arithmetic – basic areas of arithmetic, including integers, fractions, powers and roots, statistics, and probability
  2. Algebra – topics, such as variables and functions, and how to solve different types of equations.
  3. Geometry – the properties of geometric objects, including quadrilaterals, triangles, circles, solids, and cylinders, and coordinate geometry
  4. Word problems – blending arithmetic, algebraic, and geometric principles to solve problems

GMAT Problem Solving Question Strategies

Problem solving questions measure your ability to use logic and analytical reasoning to solve quantitative problems. You will solve the problem and indicate the best of five answer choices.

  • Pace Yourself. Consult the on-screen timer periodically. Work as carefully as possible, but don’t spend valuable time checking answers or pondering problems you find difficult. It’s important to try to finish the section.
  • Use the erasable note board provided at the test center to work out answers. Solving problems in writing may help you avoid errors.
  • Read each question carefully to determine what data is given and what is being asked. For word problems, take one step at a time. Read each sentence carefully and translate the data into equations or other useful mathematical representations.
  • Skim the answer choices before you answer a question. If you don’t, you may waste time putting answers in a form that’s not given.
  • For questions that require approximations, skim the answer choices first. If you don’t get some idea of how close the approximation should be, you may waste time on long computations when a short mental process would serve you better.
  • Don’t waste time by trying to solve a problem you recognize as too difficult or time-consuming. Eliminate the choices you know are wrong, select the best of the remaining choices, and move on to the next question.

GMAT Data Sufficiency Question Strategies

Data Sufficiency questions measure your ability to analyze a quantitative problem, recognize which data are relevant, and determine at what point there is enough data to solve a problem.

  • Decide whether the problem allows only one value or a range of values. Remember that you are only determining whether you have enough data.
  • Avoid making unwarranted assumptions based on geometric figures. Figures are not necessarily drawn to scale.

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GMAT Math Topics

  1. Absolute Values/Modules

  2. Algebra

  3. Arithmetic

  4. Combinations

  5. Coordinate Geometry

  6. Distance/Rate Problems

  7. Divisibility/Multiples/Factors

  8. Exponents/Powers

  9. Fractions/Ratios/Decimals

  10. Functions and Custom Characters

  11. Geometry

  12. Graphs and Illustrations

  13. Inequalities

  14. Min/Max Problems

  15. Mixture Problems

  16. Must or Could be True Questions

  17. Number Properties

  18. Overlapping Sets

  19. Percents and Interest Problems

  20. Probability

  21. Remainders

  22. Roots

  23. Sequences

  24. Statistics and Sets Problems

  25. Word Problems

  26. Work/Rate Problems

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